Roots are a big part of our lives and we have the power to choose whether we’re gonna live with the ones we were born with or if we are gonna allow Jesus to exchange those old roots for new ones.

We need roots! Culture is all good I love family and the idea of generations going on and on because God intended it that  way, but sometimes in the midst of our wanting to be connected to our generation our roots get contaminated. We need to get that exchange of old roots for new ones with Jesus. I choose for myself to get washed in the blood of Jesus so I can have his roots not my own.

Jesus is my Reason Why. I get new ROOTS FROM HIM! 

So I want to give you some good roots I call them Iron Friends! God has shown me that in this time I have made some beautiful friends all over the world who have impacted my life more than they will ever know. You see that’s the beautiful thing about having  the ROOTS OF JESUS you get all the joy! For me Iron Friends have blossomed in my life to be one of the purists roots in Jesus… the names of those who have impacted in my life. I’m gonna post some photos of them but there have been a few and some I don’t have pictures of but I want to give you some faces of those who have imparted in my life so much!!!! The Impact of these Iron friends are the reasons my Roots in Jesus have flourished! So I want to make sure you all understand this! In this time of having these friendships so many of them have pushed me in the #Growthchallenge that I started that now bloomed into a BLOG!  I honestly never thought in my Life that I would do a blog but all of these “Iron Friends” Encouraged me whether they knew it or not. Kingdom is about Family and I’m not just talking about your blood family but, your church family, your community family, your friend family. I have all of these in my Life. I guess because I’m from Hawaii once I hit it off with someone I’m like “you’re family” call my mom your Aunty and call me cousin cause were family. I’ve seen that the Kingdom of heaven os the same way. I don’t believe that God wants us to be like all distant with one another. No! He wants us to be FAMILY to one another.

So in this Blog today the GOOD JESUS ROOTS are Iron friends which is Kingdom Family! So enjoy the photos!!! 

This group maybe have touched hundreds upon thousands and more and more, but they will never understand the way they have impacted my life through their family and sense of community! I think Anyone who meets them will see their generosity and how warm they also pretty funny!!!! I love you guys all the way down to number 3 baby (on the way)
Yecelin you’ve blessed my life in so many way since the moment I met you we were already told we were sisters haha so we really couldn’t run from it! I wanted you to know I love you so much and you shall come to Hawaii just to hang out with me and my family cause that’s what Family does!
Adrian, Adrian you’ve been a huge blessing in my life even when you didn’t know it maybe but you’ve encouraged me and you’ve always been so real with me! I love you forever Big brother thank you!!!!
I love you so much! I always wanted to meet you and this year God opened the door and connected us. what is one persons normal is another persons Lovely you are that Lovely in my life I’m excited for your future and I’m glad I get to be apart of it!!!!
Erika you’ve become a friend that I never thought would happen thank you for blessing my life and constantly believing in for speaking into me. Your life is a treasure in my life and your entire family has impacted me!
You guys are my FAMILY its official! Even tho this is about Iron Friendships I wanted to share this with you because your lives have impacted me when I was in Mexico God has his way and with your obedience to the Holy Spirit to minister to my heart you have been a great blessing and example I love you guys beyond words!!!! Mexico Meets Hawaii it’s happening I see it!!!!! HE’s connecting Nations over and Over Again!!!!

Hey  Guys I wanted to share the reality of my friendships. They are real and fun and super real. We send snapchats to one another we have fun! We Cry with one another we love one another!!! It’s what true Iron  friends do! God gave me an understanding that with Iron friends we allow God to take away  with them (those hand-picked friends) tp help  remove what was never meant to be there so that only  your identity in Christ is what is left which are the FRUIT OF Gods spirit his character his likeness. 

Galatians 5:22-23The Passion Translation (TPT)22–23 But the fruit[a] produced by the Holy Spirit within you is divine love in all its varied expressions:[b]joy that overflows,[c]

peace that subdues,

patience[d]that endures,
kindness[e]in action,
a life full of virtue,[f]
faith that prevails,
gentleness of heart, and
strength of spirit.[g]That is what Iron Friends do they help you in your walk with God you sharpen one another!!!!

Braidy the beautiful one who was planted in my life such an amazing women of God and most of all a worshipper of Jesus her heart is pure before him and she has been that awesome “Iron Friend” who I stay connected to! I love you Braidy!!!

My Sister Nicole team of 12 I love you ladies your lives have so impacted me!

This team has been a huge blessing to be apart of I love where GOD HAS PLACED EACH OF US AND HOW HE FORMED US TO COME TOGETHER. Where there’s a team there is Conquest. CONQUEST of the heart I love how God has done this so intricately. HE saw the details of us as individuals yet said I will bring you together for greater things. It’s a beautiful thing I’m blessed by each of your Lives thank you for being those Iron Friends!

My bro my Bro…. you have become practically a best friend.. This one surprises me constantly but that’s what awesome people do. You kn ow because I tell you but maybe you don’t know but your life has been a great example to me. Your friendship has been an example of the way Jesus is. Bottom Line you’re awesome keeping it simple not too mushy!!!!
I love these girls so much! What God is doing in all generations is a remarkable and I know God has placed us together to be intertwined together for a greater purpose! Love you
Where would my life be without you my beautiful Sister/ best friend!!!1
My Life With my sister my best friend, We’ve conquered so much together and I love how God has made a way for us to grow together. has been something so beautiful. To cry with you to hold your hand and to see Jesus love you and your expression to Him is what I love most!!!!!
WE are a team its been us all along of course there are many others who make a team but this was where it all began for me. I didn’t know it yet but Jesus unraveled something in me through these individuals and now its a burst thank you Branson for seeing this in me, thank you Coley for seeing this in me I love you. You all have been those special gems and jewels sharpened in my life used and crafted to get out what needed to leave!!!! I love you only Beauty remains!
Jenny the words can’t even express what you mean to me.. but I’ll go for it we’ve already discussed this but we don’t have a lot of pictures and this lady in the corner knows too 😂. OKay I had to make that comment! Anyways I wanted to share with you how much I love you and that our Journey began not on the best of circumstances but you  have been that faithful friend to me in everything and I pray I have done the same for you. Your Joy is my Joy and your sorrow my sorrow your that “Every Season friend” that is there constant rooted and never-fading away. I’m so excited to see where God has taken you!!!!
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its been this way when you laugh I laugh I love you to the moon and back you’ve strengthened me in every way we are together and My heart beats for you!!!! MY sweet sweet grace!!! I love her so much thank you for your constant love I love you grace and there are so many in this huge world who love you too, with that same intensity!

Bester/ Chuz we came up with that in 8th grade but we’ve been doing life since 1st grade I love you Hannah  Baddah dayz.. I’ll fight any Dinosaur with you!
I had the option to get a better pic but this describes us when we laugh together dry and funny humor Love you Lore
Love you Manu my MIA house mom! You’ve forever impacted my life I’m glad to call you family!!!
You’ve always been phenomenal at everything a beautiful friend a great leader and Now a beautiful wife and Mommy!!!! love you Saris!
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Fanny whoohoo I love you so much you know this but your friendship has been one that see’s all and loves all I’m forever thankful with what God has done in a short amount of time because what he’s done with us is eternal!
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This family wow God is using you and moving you all of you have become family in my heart and you each love like Jesus does thank you !!!! Hannah thank you for your words I’ll never forget them. You my girl have a special place in my heart we will have many English conversations soon! Valeria I love you so much you are absolutely beautiful I can’t wait to hold you in my arms!!! Julian I’m still funnier than you but its ok!!! haha
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in every step of life you have that friend who walks life with you weather you see them or not, what God has orchestrated with us Nadia is only the beginning I’m blessed in my heart to do life with you!!!!
the sisterhood of the traveling pants? No but close to it I love you all!!!!
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Johis you’ve always been beautiful reflection to me since I was 10 years old looking up to you in every way you are beautiful and we are family!!! I’m so blessed I had this time with you!!!!