When I think of ice cream 🍨 shakes and candy I think of when I was a little kid. When you were younger you probably loved sweet treats! When you’re a little kid you don’t really watch what you eat the ya you do today. So when I went out to get ice cream I decided I needed a shake because no mess haha. SO when I got this no mess shake feeling like a kid the Holy Spirit reminded me will you love on your Lord now and as I’m writing this I was reminded of that precious moment and ahhhh there he is. I’m breathing him in. He’s in the keys I type writing for you. He’s with me when I get coffee. Oh thats the Original its Family. Constant communion with all three the victorious Number 3. Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit and they come and whisk you away to that place child like faith moment when you let him pour it all own you. When you let him show you the way. We need to be in that daily everyday Whisk you away with Him. I know at many times we have a difficult time because the life were in is actually hurtful, hard and maybe disappointing, but I want to share something with you, fix your eyes on Jesus.

the word Fix means:  to set or place definitely : establish 

I was listening to a teaching by Brian Johnson and he shared a story of a Pilot and, a  Rat. I know I don’t like rats but the story is the Pilot was already up in the air and realized the rat is chewing on electrical cables and he knows he’s the only one not the plane. So he has to think quickly because something could go wrong with the plane. So he comes up with the idea I’m gonna fly higher, because if I go higher the rat will die in the high altitude. Well it happens the rat dies the plane safe and all is well.

link to the article and story here (below)


We need to go back to that place when we are seeing from heavens perspective so we can go back in  and take that time for your family going back to the original.

Today I want to encourage you all to worship Jesus take that moment to allow the Holy Spirit that you are a heir to the throne and you are his child and today lets MAGNIFY HIM greater than yesterday  because everyday we need to live it out for Jesus!!! 

So I really believe with everything when God shows you those areas in your life you are able to Live the best Life ever cause now you know! I believe were in a day and age that people are just getting it. Like its not longer over complicated to theological or complicated its just coming in. So now when you get something why do you do with it? Exactly when you don’t know what to do with what God has shown you? You go to your secret garden and you listen and hear. Your response doesn’t need to be words audibly , but your Response can be adoration and worship towards what he’s shared. Thats the child like faith.

So when I go back to being a child I was just thinking this the other day and I realized the Holy Spirit revealed more roots in my life that needed to be exposed. As many who have known me from the young age of 16 knew I had piercings in my lip although I had piercings in my lip that rebellious attitude started influencing way before 16. I wasn’t bad on the inside but had a terrible attitude because I gave myself over to pop culture. Pop culture said what was in and what was out and its still shouts the same message so as my sweet friend Fannys words are brought to mind many times “I traded my blessing for a plate of lentils (beans). So someone asked me when I was young what was your dream it was everything I saw on tv! I wanted to be…

  1. famous
  2. have lots of tattoos
  3. lots of piercings
  4. be a rock star/ actress

I can remember my life as a little girl wanting to also be a spice girl because they were famous! I always wondered where that came from. God reveled it came from not knowing Him. I knew him at glimpses yes many times he knocked at my door and I ignored it or I couldn’t even hear it. Have you ever been so busy in a day you don’t even hear it or worse you hear it but think it’s getting persistent and annoying so you ignore it? I have been there! I’m being 100% honest. For a Long time the Enemy tried to take my identity with weight with tattoos with imaginations that were not from Him and I would give myself over to those ideas and want to make them a reality in my life. These are things that God took me back to see in “My Secret Garden”. 

Can I share with you that these things, are the best things to be reveled! As soon as he showed me (and continues to show me)  he also showed me that the little girl in my when I got filled with the Holy Spirit at age Three! She was laying hands on many and knew her Father. My Mom and Dad always prophesied over me when they Didn’t see exactly what they expected of me they would remember the Seed that was planted there by God. So the child like faith is here and more alive than ever I cry everyday in His presence and I’m in awe of everything he does in His word. SO really I’m grown yet a child writing to you all because this Little Girl is so in love with Jesus!

He’s waiting for you! Say when and he in there with you say it. He’s there for you!!!!

I love you all!!!!

below I want to share a Video With you all Lets go there with Jesus!!!

Go to your Secret Garden…

Matthew 6:5-6 TPT

“Whenever you pray, be sincere and not like the pretenders who love the attention they receive while praying before others in the meetings and on street corners. Believe me, they’ve already received in full their reward.But whenever you pray, go into your innermost chamber and be alone with Father God,[f]praying to him in secret. And your Father, who sees all you do, will reward you openly.