I asked many of you which one was your favorite.. I got lots of feedback it was awesome! I love fashion and clothing but that doesn’t come close to my love with The Holy Spirit who is constantly loving yet burning me in areas that are meant to be burned!

Anyway it’s all about how you handle those in house situations. What do we do I mean? I mean like we need the inside to be clean before the outside. We (as people) can be our own worst critics in life. We say things that are really not so good about ourselves and then sometimes about others. The reason I’ve come to know why I have done this in the past is because there were things going on “in house” that wasn’t good so it was on display on the outside of the house.

So I said all this to say I love fashion but I love my


I wanted to share with you a video I made while I was in Mexico 🇲🇽 sharing what God has done even in my time there!