I posted recently on my Instagram posing a question

What does your worship look like?

Many who don’t know me, know that “Worship” has been a part of my life for a long time. Those who don’t know me and are learning welcome!

Yes like I said WORSHIP has been a HUGE PART of my LIFE! For as long as I could remember and it all began with my Momma Kuna Sepulveda a lot of people in Hawaii like to call my mom “Momma Kuna” because she’s that Mom to everyone I’m blessed to share her with all because if you don’t have her in your life you’ll want her in your life. Watch when you meet her!

My life worship started with my momma!

Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommas!!!!!!

She was the one who always worshipped Jesus. Even before I knew it was worship it was constant throughout the house in the car at church on and off the stage. She made any place her alter to Jesus. She made every moment that moment of worship in meeting praying in the spirit and worshipping always always. So it was through that example of worship made it easy for me to love God! Now I’m not saying I didn’t have my own things to conquer because I did and still do, but when I WORSHIP JESUS everything CHANGES! I’m truly not my own. I move in something if I give it words it would be “my response and my expression in Him”.

The other side of Lexi!!!!

The truth of the matter is my worship is my life at his feet and there time stands still and I’m there for hours to the point that I don’t even know how much time has passed because I’ve been there in His presence so long. When we go into this kinda intercession with God I’m telling you time stands still and moves in another dimension. Try it today I encourage you if you have time today and nothing else is on the calendar 📆 then go for worship intercession! Faith to faith strength to strength. Before I used to find it hard to pray for long periods of time because I was always thinking what do I say what do I do? But you enter the gates of worship and thanksgiving you have a lot to express to Jesus And to war in all at the same time of loving on him and constantly receiving that love in return!

Below I’ll share some

Pictures of my time of worship. Different expressions and all knowing that my heart beats for him always!