I´m so honored to do the “blog takerover” with my friend Alexis! Hope you will enjoy this!

I´m a wife, mom and pastor in a Church in Sweden. Loving God, my family and people! Want to live my life for the Kingdom of God! Started blogging last year, writing about life, God and family (in Swedish).

LOVE Sofia


Are you a person who likes to have many friends around you or do you prefer a few close friends who knows your heart?

I would probably say that I prefer a few close friends who knows the real me and they are the ones I choose to give my heart to. I have wonderful friends and I also have the privilege of having the very closest ones in my family.

I think that the older you become, the more you value friendship in another way. You have more patience and understanding for the fact that “life” (read: job, family, activities, etc.) takes time, which means that you can´t spend time with each other as much as you like, even if you want to.

Comparison and jealousy will kill any relationship, instead, we must water our friendships with love, peace and patience. Only then can it last for life.

A as a pastor I sometimes I meet young women who feel lonely and wish they had a close friend to share their heart with. They are beautiful, wonderful and sweet and I actually think that other people might think that these women have lots of friends and a happy social life.

Why is that? Are we stuck in the “social media world” which is not really social at all, or have we forgotten how to socialize and underestimated the value of a true friend?

I have no clear answer to give these beautiful women more than that they shouldn’t give up on finding that friend. And decide to make an effort to BE a good friend to someone, even if it takes time. Perhaps we´re sometimes so focused how to GET friends that we forget to be just THAT friend we are looking for.

I read this blog about friendship a long time ago, it was about four different types of friends we need in our life. There is certainly a lot to say about friendship, but for me it was a truth that gave me a perspective. We don´t have to find everything in one person, but different friends can have different purposes, it helps us to change, shape and mature as women. We need to broaden our friendship circle and see people’s qualities with new eyes.

Can you see these people in your life?


It’s good to have a friend in your life who is more eager to see you succeed and make the right decision than just saying what she thinks you want to hear. Such a friend tells the truth even if it hurts. That friend warns you if you are going the wrong direction, and that friend challenges you to walk on water.

Friends who let you go on the wrong path are not doing you a favor, but a friend who takes you back to the truth … is a friend worth fighting for.

A soulmate

This is the friend who knows everything about you, whom you have shared experiences with and who knows your weaknesses and before and after. This is the friend who is most fun to hang out with because you like the same things, have conversations that’s last all night and have lots of common experiences and experiences to draw from.

But often we tend to only look for soulmates. It’s good to have friends who are like yourself, but you need to be able to give to others too, even those who are nothing like you!

A mentor

We need a person who is like a mentor for us, one who has gone before and has more experience and wisdom than we have. That person might be a leader, your mother or grandmother … A person you can ask for advice and turn to when you need a guide. A mentor has gone before, already fallen but knows how to rise, she is the one who also gives a comforting hug and helps you when you’ve fallen because she knows everything will be fine, she herself has been there.

A prayer friend

You need to be a friend who prays for your friends and you need a friend who prays for you. Not only that says she will do it but also DO it! When you face challenges in life, you need friends who can support you, not only helping you with practical things but also understands the power of prayer and can pray with you. Never underestimate a friend who prays and can give you the right words at the right time, she is invaluable.

True friendship:

The older you become the more you will appreciate the friendships that you have. Many friends are closer than brothers or sisters. There is something special about having a friend whom you can trust, tell your worries too and share your life with.

Proverbs 27: 9b MSG

… a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

Be the friend you need…

Love Sofia