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Today I want to invite you to be transparent with Jesus and let him know the areas you’re working on… list them down… I know the the title of this says “grateful” and then I say all of that but you know what.. I’m grateful for GREAT COUNSEL and Great CORRECTION! I used to not want to share that out loud because I know that when you say something it becomes something that tends to stick around meaning those who hear it hold you to it or in their way they hold you to it with jokes like… ( i.e “hey aren’t you not supposed to do that?”). Do you know what that is? It’s called counsel. Not every person who wants to counsel you should be, but the Holy Spirit sends us people who remind us of things always. Now are we listening to their counsel or listening for the the Holy Spirit to guide us.

The Bible says this.

“You have good eyes, yet you still don’t see, and you have good ears, yet you still don’t hear, neither do you remember.”

‭‭Mark‬ ‭8:18‬ ‭TPT

We need to be able To hear the Holy Spirit through people who he sends our way. Take this time to hear and meditate on what He wants us to hear. I am in a place of really striving to hear him. As I have a cup of coffee with Jesus.  Speaking with the Holy Spirit! always being in that place of listening!!!!


In Victory or Sorrow

Psalms 116:8-11 TPT 

God has rescued my soul from death’s fear
    and dried my eyes of many tears.
    He’s kept my feet firmly on his path
and strengthened me so that I may please him[a]
    and live my life before him in his life-giving light.
10–11 Even when it seems I’m surrounded
    by many liars and my own fears,
    and though I’m hurting in my suffering and trauma,
    I still stay faithful to God and speak words of faith.

God uses me even in my weakest point which shows me to totally be dependent on the Holy Spirit! the Holy Spirit is the on who leads me to listen to Him. To even in those moments of Silence my Spirit is speaking and my life is revived in His word! I’m Grateful for this!!!