This has been something God has taken me “the Chase” this has been my delight in my garden. In these last days in my secret garden I’ve been saying and talking about  a King being in my room in every aspect of my life. One of the main things I love is in my garden I have those moments when I don’t see it, or I do see it, but its there that I find victory. I know this is all things I’ve said before but its my garden where I receive the most healing because I’m wanting it there. We need to enter our Garden with purpose and a plan. We can’t just enter that place with saying lets sit here for an hour unless the Spirit of the Lord led you to do so then I go for it. Most times we need to be open to what the Holy Spirit is wanting for us in these little moments.


Image + Likeness = character of Jesus.  

Hidden in Jesus this is your Garden.

  • your heart area (emotional, soul)
  • your physical area (body)
  • your spiritual (spirit)



okay so some things I want to encourage you about is lets

Make it our goal where these special areas are guarded and strengthened!