Lets start off with the word amen! So were reading John 11 if you have your bibles lets get them out! Physical bibles yay!!! quick side note 🙌👌☺️

When he heard this, he said, “This sickness will not end in death for Lazarus, but will bring glory and praise to God. This will reveal the greatness of the Son of God by what takes place.”

and lets read a bit more of John 11

9–10 Jesus replied, “Are there not twelve hours of daylight in every day?[b]You can go through a day without the fear of stumbling when you walk in the One who gives light to the world. But you will stumble when the light is not in you, for you’ll be walking in the dark.”

11 Then Jesus added, “Lazarus, our friend, has just fallen asleep.[c] It’s time that I go and awaken him.”

25 “Martha,” Jesus said, You don’t have to wait until then. I am[g]the Resurrection,[h]and I am Life Eternal. Anyone who clings to me in faith, even though he dies, will live forever.26 And the one who lives by believing in me will never die.[i]Do you believe this?”[j]41 So they rolled away the heavy stone. Jesus gazed into heaven and said, “Father, thank you that you have heard my prayer,42 for you listen to every word I speak. Now, so that these who stand here with me will believe that you have sent me to the earth as your messenger, I will use the power you have given me.”43 Then with a loud voice Jesus shouted with authority: “Lazarus! Come out of the tomb!”

44 Then in front of everyone, Lazarus, who had died four days earlier, slowly hobbled out—he still had grave clothes tightly wrapped around his hands and feet and covering his face! Jesus said to them, “Unwrap him and let him loose.”[p]https://www.bible.com/bible/1849/JHN.11.4,9-11,15,25,39,41-42,44

I wanted you to jump around the book of John with me there when you have some time please take some time to read the  rest of the  book and even meditate on its incredible!


my Grave journal 📓: The areas that God has renewed in my life in my heart and in my mind is this..

I was dead before and now I am dead to my old nature and I have truly come to life. I have Given all for all. Not every moment and I perfect but, everyday I desire more and more of His image and His likeness. Recently I was in a challenge for my personal life what it is to take care of and protect my garden “my secret place”.Or as I like to call “my secret garden” which is what I heard the Holy Spirit told me while I was praying over my family and allowing me to be poured out before his feet. What was coming out was adoration, also confession of  the good bad and even the ugly.

Maybe you say how can you do that?I tell you, that because there is where I conquer. Right now I have my youth in a series called “conquest” and what they have to do is get a journal 📓 called “grave journal” and this is used to write down the thing and the areas we thought were dead 💀 in our lives but God is resurrecting and giving life to because there he gives you a new nature! Your new nature! Some people have faced traumatic wounds in their hearts and lives, but I believe God is leaving the dead with the dead and your new nature is a different kind of death unto your flesh and THE  RESURRECTING  POWER OF JESUS HAS BROUGHT LIFE ANS NEW NATURE! The king is in the room! I have expedited serious trauma in my life but I cling to the promises in Gods word to show me the treasure the gold of that word to come to LIFE, I look beyond the DIRT!  

This is my beautiful Friend Vicky she is so precious to my heart should and Spirit. She reminds me a lot of the Holy Spirit! How sweet and tender she is and how bold and like a fire she is. God has given her a great ability to Pastor Youth and also to be an incredible Wife to my Bro Pipe! I love you Vicky that was your intro and it doesn’t come close in words yet I try ❤️🙌😭


When Lexi asked me about the areas in my life in which I had seen God’s resurrecting power in my life, it was not a simple question to answer. God did not merely resurrect some areas, but EVERY single area of my life. The Bible literally says that God gave us life when we were still dead in our sins and transgressions (Eph. 2:1,5), and that is what God did in me. He gave me live when I was still dead. And from that moment on God has shown me the power of His life in several points of my life.
Recently, God gave life to a dream of mine that, without realizing it, had been burieddeep within my heart:the dream of living within a family. After my Mom’s passing from this world, my family went through lots of changes, and I felt God was calling me to let go, to see Him as my family, and to depend on him alone.Nevertheless, after that time of learning, the Lord gave us a precious gift when we least expected it: a new and larger family than we had before.From the moment I started a relationship with my husband, his family opened their arms to us so we could be a great family. And that is surely how it has been! God knows even the deepest, most secret places of our heart, and He is the God who breathed his life on every part of it.