What is your dream? Have you ever received the dream or heaven for your life? If so, what does it look like? What does it sound like? Can you hear it? What keeps you?

It’s really important to receive this dream for your life. Maybe you ask this question who am I? What is the dream? What dreams do you have for me?

In order to know Gods dreams for your life you also need to know you’re season so that you can be the most fruitful in your season. When you don’t get a handle on your season or even had a clue your season has changed then this will be super difficult in your life..

this is a prophetic word I wrote out and I believe whosever reads this will get deep healing. Today let’s read his word. Get nurtured by his word and know his timing is beyond our recollection.

Below is the prophetic word go ahead and read!!!!

In this new season you’re in its unfamiliar but the thing I’ve learned is every time we change seasons it’s never the same because when we are in a “new season” it’s not like

The weather is changing and I know how it goes because there is only 4 seasons. Because when you are changing seasons with God it’s spirit to spirit so the season will


this is a super natural

Season and when you are in that you will

Be tested the MOST!

With every area of your life




But I will tell You this you will CONQUER!

Let’s know that everything the Father has for ya it stored up in the secret place that part of your season will never change things around you may change but he remains. My uncle Luna shared something recently that there was a reason he revealed himself as “I am” to Moses because we know he is all things past present and future, but he is always present. So take comfort even in your season he is in your present! Your right now!!!! Breath him in!

Recently one of my dreams came to pass me and a few of my family members got to go to England and see a beautiful nation! My heart was so blessed to be there! Here are some pictures of what God did in my season and showed me how I could

Still be “Living the dream”