I was looking up some other phrases “Look up” and what I found from trusty google is this…

Synonyms for “look up”

verb research

Discover, Find, Search For, and Seek out!

These were the phrases I loved the most it was so special to me because I wanted to describe what “the Look Up” meant to me!

When with Jesus there’s so much to discover and to find, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me pretty emphatically 2018 was your year of “seek” and now 2019 is your year of “Find”!

Let me be clear that the “seeking” part of your incredible relationship with Jesus never ends. The word he told me was “find me” and this phrase came out “Jesus be everything”… like just be it all in every area of my life! One of the main ones that I found was the Lord renewing me in Jeremiah 17 it’s a powerful chapter when you read it, it can come across pretty strong, but when you’re renewed in what he shares with you, you begin to see it was Jesus loving on you the whole time.

My mom said this phrase this weekend “the Holy Spirit is wooing us into a moment in our worship!”

I’ve heard that phrase one other time by Melissa Hesler who is a worshiper & and a writer! She has written many incredible songs along side with her husband such as “no longer slaves” pretty epic songs!

Anyways I heard her say when she shared a testimony of how she got this one song called “catch the wind” that God was wooing her into a moment because he was teaching her the power of her voice and her worship!

It’s incredible that my Mom and Melissa has that in common at different times and not even knowing one another… God wants to woo us into all of Him so he can truly be everything in all areas so when you read Jeremiah 17 it will blow your mind. When washed in purity and read in purity you’ll see what I’m saying. Let me tell you Hod can do this for anyone! Come to him and let him Draw near to you! The closer you get you’ll want to be living in the best place it’s not cause you’re condemned it’s cause life as we know it can’t be the same and you would never want it to be!

Truly God only brings the best parts out of all of us if you’ve ever experienced anything different it’s cause you didn’t give it all over!

Today I want to invite you to allow the Lord to show you this new way of letting Go And truly letting Him in every room you have in your house and See the best life is really closer than you think!