So I received this phrase.. 

“Grace Gracefully” 

because I had a segway conversation with my Brother Julian Gamba, many know Him as Pastor, but to me he’s family and a great mentor! I blessed to have someone like Him speak into my life and prophecy in my life the things I don’t even see.

First of all everyone who read this I want you to know that you need that kinda of community people who sharpen you asnd cut things out of you Truth Friends and family. When I consider someone family its not because I feel all the warm and fuzzies its because they speak into my life. So this is like my brother Julian i’m specific about Him and Lore because I was with them a couple of weeks ago and i’m like having all these

“W H O A – M O M E N T S”! 

So that’s where I got “Grace Gracefully” because on the first night we had a Segway conversation of why I was really there and it was so good, and as the days went on the Lord was already downloading in me things just unraveling in and I began to realize I was unthreading all over again, I was going back to old worship songs I hadn’t listen to in like forever because I felt led to go to that and I would have major crying sessions, but it reminded me of my “Unraveling season”. Right there I realized whenever God wants to take you to a new place you must rid yourself of all. Why because I’m not my own.

We’re coming to a new time a new season where we are not our own and God wants ALL OF YOU, ALL OF ME! There is honestly no other way. I’m not wanting to sound like I’m making you sad like you can’t have what I have, because its the exact opposite but when you come home be home and be rooted and radical about your decision.

radical adjective

rad·​i·​cal | \ ˈra-di-kəl

Definition of radical (Entry 1 of 2)


: of, relating to, or proceeding from a root: such as



: of or growing from the root of a plant

radical tubers


: growing from the base of a stem, from a rootlike stem, or from a stem that does not rise above the ground

radical leaves

So here find ourselves seeing what the word Radical means , so when I say “Be radical or I wanna b e radical” I wan to be rooted in all things Jesus, but in order to do this I need to go back to the “Garden” which for me is the “Original”. In the bible there are many verses of the secret place established

For Moses it was the mountain top

For David it was Him in the field

For Adam it was a garden 🌺

For Jesus the Garden/the Desert 🌵

When you go back to that place that where you get developed are

able to make the little changes that make all the difference. I find that you get the best results when you make little changes, but many times I’ve seen people try to make BIG CHANGES for BIG RESULTS ,but that’s not the case in my experience again.

So one of the main things I want to write you is allow the Lord to open your eyes Jesus wants all of you he wants you radical. This will most likely be a series because this was only the beginning of what the Sprit of the Lord is ants to get through to me, but basically all don’t over complicate Him a let Jesus come and be real right in front of you today! Be blessed

xoxo LExi