I want to say to you before you begin to read this—God is three in one for you. Believe that there is absolute healing for you and cleansing for you. Just come and receive. Drink only from what is good and lovely. He will love you from a slave into a daughter. He will love you from a slave to son. He will love you into a child of God and there is so much confidence in God’s Grace. This is the first gift we receive when we come into His Kingdom!
First and foremost we must speak to that Demon in the Mirror. This doesn’t apply only to women, it applies to men too. However sometimes it seems that we as women are the ones who face more insecurity out loud. 
Question: What is the Demon in the Mirror? 
Answer: First off, you are NOT a demon, but many times we can become slaves to ourselves. What does that mean? That we can get caught up in trying to work our way to anything and everything—including God’s Love and His Divine Presence. When it does not work like that at all…It’s by Grace and only Grace that we are in this Kingdom! No work necessary. We need simply to come to this Grace, and do it gracefully. In order to have that full satisfaction in His arms and to speak to ourselves daily “I am beautiful and wonderfully created to work in this Kingdom to be a light to not waste time and to Love everyone. I’m called to be a lover of righteousness and hate what is evil. I will be hope for others. When they see me they see Jesus. WHY?? Because the Demon has left and I see only Jesus in me. 
Recently I travelled to Bogota, Colombia for a Women’s Conference and I saw my Pastor (Pastor Cesar). I love Him so much because of how he loves me right where I’m at even though so many times I feel like he’s reading my mail and my heart through everything. Yes. My Pastor is human. No, he’s not God, but I’ll tell you this— he looks more and more like Jesus every single day. I want to quickly say to you that when you come into this Grace, there is effortless love that carries on. You too will LOOK LIKE Jesus!!
So when I got to this conference, I was watching a video and part of the message was about asking God to reveal to you what He looks like as God Our Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Remember when I said God is three in one for you? THIS is what I mean. The task is to just ask Him and begin to write or type or even draw—whatever your fancy is. You can even sculpt! It’s a specific freedom for your hands to create. So I began to do that and it wasn’t clear to me until I saw my Pastor again. We (me and my Mom) hadn’t seen him for almost the whole conference. We weren’t sure if we were even going to be able to, but my mom was determined to see him. No matter what! We got backstage and by the grace of Jesus, we seriously bumped into Pastor Cesar. I know God was wooing me to see him because I could feel things in me I wasn’t even sure about that HAD TO GO! 
I saw him and without skipping a beat, I began to flood with tears in my eyes just saying …”Thank you, Thank you, I so needed this and I knew it took me coming here and even to the point of seeing you.” 
He began to share with us about spititual warfare and how we never fight in the flesh always in the spirit. Let me say that one more time: 🗣 WE NEVER FIGHT IN THE FLESH, ONLY IN THE SPIRIT! 
He then began to speak into my life saying “Alexis, there is a deep longing for the call in you. You’ve been willing and you desire it. You’ve felt you’ve wasted so much time but you don’t want to do that anymore so youve been praying asking God what next, what next? But there needs to be a cleansing in your soul. Your mind, your will and your emotions…even in the words you speak to yourself.” I was flooded again with tears and knew exactly what he was talking about and things are continuing to reveal themselves even as the days go on. 
Walking into your calling by Grace. Grace means never being ashamed of who you are. You need to look in to that mirror and always see Jesus living in you.
Funny story:
I have a cold sore on my lip right now and then on our way home, my sister braided my hair the way I wanted it. It was super cute: three braids on my whole head.
Anyways I had to go through customs and before that even happened Natty started saying “wow I love those braids you look like a UFC fighter…like you just finished or you’re going to it!”
I was like “ummm no not a fighter sister.” Then she said, “wow I love how this looks!” Well we went through security and this young security guy tells me “hey did you just finish a fight?” I said, “NOPE—I’m not a fighter not that kind omg 🙄” and I literally said “that’s it these braids gotta go.”
My sister said, “no please don’t take it out I’m super proud of these braids and you wanted them!”
Remember this: Grace is never trying to be someone else just because someone has a specific perception of you. People who you don’t know. You don’t have to prove to anyone anything to them. So all of this to say when you look in the mirror you need to tell yourself who you are like I did before. Speak to the demon in the mirror. Speak to your soul. Speak to your mind, will, and emotions.
I want to leave you with this verse to read:
“There has never been a generation that has been given the detailed understanding of this glorious and divine mystery until now. He kept it a secret until this generation. God is revealing it only now to his sacred apostles and prophets by the Holy Spirit. Here’s the secret: The gospel of grace has made you, non-Jewish believers, into coheirs of his promise through your union with him. And you have now become members of his body—one with the Anointed One!”
Ephesians 3:5-6 TPT
You are CHOSEN!! You need to remind yourself to get it together and say “I’m a child of God and I’m a product of grace! So therefore I can walk this out!!!!! Anywhere you go I’ll go!”
Love you!!!