Many times growing up hearing “we are not of this world” I never completely understood the fullness of that. I knew I loved Jesus and one day I would go to heaven. I remember listening to Toby Macs song “I got a ticket” which I loved that I had a ticket but what do I do in the mean time? Even now I’m 28 and so many times when I don’t surrender me to the fullness of who Jesus is all that i am is waiting for my ticket instead of walking in my purpose. Maybe what you’re wondering is what is my purpose? Our purpose is to be that light while we’re in these earth suits. We’re gonna have to daily come against those moments where we want to fight what we’re in here and now because we are Citizens of the Heaven here on earth. I’m gonna keep it 100 with you all more times than not i’m more human than i am a citizen of heaven. Yet I am determined I will be that citizen of heaven who is loosed here to bring Him glory!

I saw this episode of Hawkeye and there is a scene with a girl and her dad told her.. she will be able to live in both worlds. And ever since I saw that I loved what he shared because thats exactly what were doing here. We are living in both worlds in this time right now. 

You see we live in both Worlds but we can’t belong to both worlds we have to decide which world we will be a member of. 

Something one of my friends shared with me is a lot of times were not citizens of heaven were only visitors of heaven. Don’t make the mistake to believe because we still have an earthly suit that youre not apart of heaven because as His children we have this authority to bring heaven here to earth. And heaven hovers just above us. Its not far away but many times our Priorities are all over the place, so one day we could be all for what God wants us to do but when we wake up that went out the door.

My Pastor shares it like this in His devotional book.

“Dr. Cho shared that there were times when he went to bed with the greatest faith in the world, but when he was sleeping at night it was like his faith grew wings and flew away. This implied that he needed extra effort to keep faith alive in his spirit.”

Excerpt From

Declarations of Power for 365 Days of the Year

Cesar Castellanos

So you see how important it is to take care of our Spiritual life because many times we remember we have ticket to heaven, but we don’t live as if we are in love with him and thats where our purpose is found. I can know I love and believe in Jesus with all my heart yet still wandering around not grounded because my purpose is secured in the presence of God not in the practice of something good. Friends I want to be so madly in love with Him that i see hi through everything I do especially my relationships here in earth. I want to be that citizen of heaven who is walking in her freedom daily because I cast away the care of this world and I’m only living for Heaven. So really I’m operating in both world yet I’ve made a choice that my number one priority is Him above all else!!!

so the other day I was reading John 21 and came across this popular verse…

Jesus replied, “If I decide to let him live until I return, what concern is that of yours? You must still keep on following me!”’ John 21:22

our purpose is to keep on following not to be concerned to the left or the right in comparison. We need to keep living for heaven Kingdom and become one with Jesus is a beautiful intimacy.

The Christian Life is all about a relationship with Him. It’s all about your heart aligned with His. So as I rest in Him I find the ultimate Peace. I know the enemy wants me to remain weak but I’m not giving Him credit anymore from stealing from me i’m living not in waiting to go to heaven but in my purpose here on earth to to walk with Jesus and bring Him in everything. So Priorities in 2022 has to be Jesus!!! I love you all see you next year!!!❤️


Pastor Cesar a great example of a citizen of Heaven!
Momma another great example of a citizen of Heaven!
Daddio papapito another great example of a Citizen of heaven