Above is a link to the website.. check their clothes out!

Today I want to invite you to be transparent with Jesus and let him know the areas you’re working on… list them down… I know the the title of this says “grateful” and then I say all of that but you know what.. I’m grateful for GREAT COUNSEL and Great CORRECTION! I used to not want to share that out loud because I know that when you say something it becomes something that tends to stick around meaning those who hear it hold you to it or in their way they hold you to it with jokes like… ( i.e “hey aren’t you not supposed to do that?”). Do you know what that is? It’s called counsel. Not every person who wants to counsel you should be, but the Holy Spirit sends us people who remind us of things always. Now are we listening to their counsel or listening for the the Holy Spirit to guide us.

The Bible says this.

“You have good eyes, yet you still don’t see, and you have good ears, yet you still don’t hear, neither do you remember.”

‭‭Mark‬ ‭8:18‬ ‭TPT

We need to be able To hear the Holy Spirit through people who he sends our way. Take this time to hear and meditate on what He wants us to hear. I am in a place of really striving to hear him. As I have a cup of coffee with Jesus.  Speaking with the Holy Spirit! always being in that place of listening!!!!


In Victory or Sorrow

Psalms 116:8-11 TPT 

God has rescued my soul from death’s fear
    and dried my eyes of many tears.
    He’s kept my feet firmly on his path
and strengthened me so that I may please him[a]
    and live my life before him in his life-giving light.
10–11 Even when it seems I’m surrounded
    by many liars and my own fears,
    and though I’m hurting in my suffering and trauma,
    I still stay faithful to God and speak words of faith.

God uses me even in my weakest point which shows me to totally be dependent on the Holy Spirit! the Holy Spirit is the on who leads me to listen to Him. To even in those moments of Silence my Spirit is speaking and my life is revived in His word! I’m Grateful for this!!!

Blog Takeover “true friendship” by: Sofia Muñoz ❤️🙌🏼

I´m so honored to do the “blog takerover” with my friend Alexis! Hope you will enjoy this!

I´m a wife, mom and pastor in a Church in Sweden. Loving God, my family and people! Want to live my life for the Kingdom of God! Started blogging last year, writing about life, God and family (in Swedish).

LOVE Sofia


Are you a person who likes to have many friends around you or do you prefer a few close friends who knows your heart?

I would probably say that I prefer a few close friends who knows the real me and they are the ones I choose to give my heart to. I have wonderful friends and I also have the privilege of having the very closest ones in my family.

I think that the older you become, the more you value friendship in another way. You have more patience and understanding for the fact that “life” (read: job, family, activities, etc.) takes time, which means that you can´t spend time with each other as much as you like, even if you want to.

Comparison and jealousy will kill any relationship, instead, we must water our friendships with love, peace and patience. Only then can it last for life.

A as a pastor I sometimes I meet young women who feel lonely and wish they had a close friend to share their heart with. They are beautiful, wonderful and sweet and I actually think that other people might think that these women have lots of friends and a happy social life.

Why is that? Are we stuck in the “social media world” which is not really social at all, or have we forgotten how to socialize and underestimated the value of a true friend?

I have no clear answer to give these beautiful women more than that they shouldn’t give up on finding that friend. And decide to make an effort to BE a good friend to someone, even if it takes time. Perhaps we´re sometimes so focused how to GET friends that we forget to be just THAT friend we are looking for.

I read this blog about friendship a long time ago, it was about four different types of friends we need in our life. There is certainly a lot to say about friendship, but for me it was a truth that gave me a perspective. We don´t have to find everything in one person, but different friends can have different purposes, it helps us to change, shape and mature as women. We need to broaden our friendship circle and see people’s qualities with new eyes.

Can you see these people in your life?


It’s good to have a friend in your life who is more eager to see you succeed and make the right decision than just saying what she thinks you want to hear. Such a friend tells the truth even if it hurts. That friend warns you if you are going the wrong direction, and that friend challenges you to walk on water.

Friends who let you go on the wrong path are not doing you a favor, but a friend who takes you back to the truth … is a friend worth fighting for.

A soulmate

This is the friend who knows everything about you, whom you have shared experiences with and who knows your weaknesses and before and after. This is the friend who is most fun to hang out with because you like the same things, have conversations that’s last all night and have lots of common experiences and experiences to draw from.

But often we tend to only look for soulmates. It’s good to have friends who are like yourself, but you need to be able to give to others too, even those who are nothing like you!

A mentor

We need a person who is like a mentor for us, one who has gone before and has more experience and wisdom than we have. That person might be a leader, your mother or grandmother … A person you can ask for advice and turn to when you need a guide. A mentor has gone before, already fallen but knows how to rise, she is the one who also gives a comforting hug and helps you when you’ve fallen because she knows everything will be fine, she herself has been there.

A prayer friend

You need to be a friend who prays for your friends and you need a friend who prays for you. Not only that says she will do it but also DO it! When you face challenges in life, you need friends who can support you, not only helping you with practical things but also understands the power of prayer and can pray with you. Never underestimate a friend who prays and can give you the right words at the right time, she is invaluable.

True friendship:

The older you become the more you will appreciate the friendships that you have. Many friends are closer than brothers or sisters. There is something special about having a friend whom you can trust, tell your worries too and share your life with.

Proverbs 27: 9b MSG

… a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

Be the friend you need…

Love Sofia

What does your worship look like?

I posted recently on my Instagram posing a question

What does your worship look like?

Many who don’t know me, know that “Worship” has been a part of my life for a long time. Those who don’t know me and are learning welcome!

Yes like I said WORSHIP has been a HUGE PART of my LIFE! For as long as I could remember and it all began with my Momma Kuna Sepulveda a lot of people in Hawaii like to call my mom “Momma Kuna” because she’s that Mom to everyone I’m blessed to share her with all because if you don’t have her in your life you’ll want her in your life. Watch when you meet her!

My life worship started with my momma!

Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommas!!!!!!

She was the one who always worshipped Jesus. Even before I knew it was worship it was constant throughout the house in the car at church on and off the stage. She made any place her alter to Jesus. She made every moment that moment of worship in meeting praying in the spirit and worshipping always always. So it was through that example of worship made it easy for me to love God! Now I’m not saying I didn’t have my own things to conquer because I did and still do, but when I WORSHIP JESUS everything CHANGES! I’m truly not my own. I move in something if I give it words it would be “my response and my expression in Him”.

The other side of Lexi!!!!

The truth of the matter is my worship is my life at his feet and there time stands still and I’m there for hours to the point that I don’t even know how much time has passed because I’ve been there in His presence so long. When we go into this kinda intercession with God I’m telling you time stands still and moves in another dimension. Try it today I encourage you if you have time today and nothing else is on the calendar 📆 then go for worship intercession! Faith to faith strength to strength. Before I used to find it hard to pray for long periods of time because I was always thinking what do I say what do I do? But you enter the gates of worship and thanksgiving you have a lot to express to Jesus And to war in all at the same time of loving on him and constantly receiving that love in return!

Below I’ll share some

Pictures of my time of worship. Different expressions and all knowing that my heart beats for him always!

What you see on the outside is only the beginning!

“Slow down take time breath in He says he’ll REVEAL WHATS TO COME. The thoughts in his mind always higher than mine and he’ll reveal what’s to come. So take courage my hope stay steadfast, He’s in the waiting, he’s in the waiting.” (Song take courage) by: Kristene DiMarco

That song completely ministers to be in my time with God and reminds me that what you see on the outside is only the beginning!

All of my conquests begins “in my secret garden” or as she refers “the waiting”!

the “Slow” is so important in your time with God! So many times we want to speed up so many things in our Lives actually almost everything we want to go into Hyper-speed. Yet what God has for us is in the “Slow” moments that we slow it down. The thing is we can’t get a day a back we can’t get a minute back its the way the time works so when we are in our “Slow” moment we are creating intentional time.  So many times people are wanting to make time or feel like there isn’t enough time in the day yet when we SLOW it all down.  We begin to see things in a different way. We see Jesus in a different way we actually get to know who he is. It’s in that moment in my Secret Garden we slow it all down and we see Jesus we walk with Him and he takes us and we see Him! When we slow down  we can see the Promise, but my point were not in our secret Garden for the promise that’s the extra stuff we get after being there delighting in all he is.


Psalm 100 The Passion Translation (TPT)

Praise God 

100 A poetic song for thanksgiving
Lift up a great shout of joy to the Lord!
    Go ahead and do it—everyone, everywhere!
As you serve him, be glad and worship him.
    Sing your way into his presence with joy!
And realize what this really means—
    we have the privilege of worshiping the Lord our God.
    For he is our Creator and we belong to him.
    We are the people of his pleasure.[a]


Now because I shared that verse above that’s the GOAL, Delight in the Lord our God, and in that place we will grow deep roots and the outer won’t be the main thing people will begin to see your Life  hidden In Christ! That is the GOAL  that’s what we begin to Look like in this time when we take time to SLOW DOWN! LET THIS HAPPEN! I hear Jesus saying to me “Hey Just say when” and he’ll do it! He’ll do it for you every way. So today lets not stop loving Jesus just when we see the flowers sprout in our Garden but let’s make it our Goal to be so hidden in Jesus  that everyone see’s Him in us. It’s like where did she go. Oh she’s hidden in Christ! 


2 Corinthians 5:6-8 (TPT) That’s why we’re always full of courage. Even while we’re at home in the body, we’re homesick to be with the Master— for we live by faith, not by what we see with our eyes. We live with a joyful confidence, yet at the same time we take delight in the thought of leaving our bodies behind to be at home with the Lord. 


Like I said the Goal is




What Happens on the inside come outside!


I asked many of you which one was your favorite.. I got lots of feedback it was awesome! I love fashion and clothing but that doesn’t come close to my love with The Holy Spirit who is constantly loving yet burning me in areas that are meant to be burned!

Anyway it’s all about how you handle those in house situations. What do we do I mean? I mean like we need the inside to be clean before the outside. We (as people) can be our own worst critics in life. We say things that are really not so good about ourselves and then sometimes about others. The reason I’ve come to know why I have done this in the past is because there were things going on “in house” that wasn’t good so it was on display on the outside of the house.

So I said all this to say I love fashion but I love my


I wanted to share with you a video I made while I was in Mexico 🇲🇽 sharing what God has done even in my time there!

The Light Side

“We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining – they just shine. ” – Dwight L. Moody

Today my Blog is titled “the Light side” because I Love star Wars and not ONLY because I wanted to have a reason to write about it because if you know me than you know how much I love star wars, but because of the way the story goes. 

It’s all either DARK OR LIGHT, there is nothing else. I love it there is no in between there is only what it is. So God has shown me completely how much he desires for us to jump in on the Light Side… Where we find our place with Him is in the our
“Secret Garden”. Yes what my blog is called which is “My Secret Garden”. Because what I was nudged by the Holy Spirit to do is to show you what he shows me in this place. 

In My secret garden there has been conflict and there has been victory, but in my Secret Garden I’m always on #theLightSide! 

Does this make sense? I hope So!!!! 

One thing I really want to make clear to you is when we go in our Secret Garden Jesus isn’t looking for Perfection but he’s looking for you. So he desires you and in that place you have your conflict and your Victory! We need to decide the side we choose. In the last Movie of Star Wars there was some conflict right? The Conflict was within the new characters Rey and Kylo Ren  (Ben)  they both have conflict on the inside she Believes he can come to the Light side and he wants to do life with her on the Dark side. You see when we have conflict within us there sometimes can be some kinda of struggle. Here is a video clip of what I mean.

I want to share with you something you may already know which is the story of How pearls are made.

Natural Pearls form when its irritated because off a grain of sand that gets in the clam or the oyster and literates it and creates something beautiful. To Live on the light side we cannot compromise who we are because of little irritations or conflicts within us. As you can see from the Video clip above there was conflict in Kylo and we all thought he was gonna kill Rey yet he didn’t he killed Snoke, but you see the conflict will never be resolved until you choose the Light Side with Jesus. You’ll be like that irritated pearl who never lets anything in to his heart and nothing beautiful is made because you don’t allow Jesus to heal your heart. We need to understand that even in Conflict Jesus is our source. Through it all he’s with us if we will allow him to be the Leader of our lives and if we understand being the Light is a life style not a phrase.

So tonight I was listening to a teaching from WorshipU by Jenn Johnson Lead Worshipper  at Bethel and she shared..

How many of face day to day things that maybe isn’t DARK or LIGHT its pretty gray, so there are many things that fall in the gray area and actually  some gray areas can be darker than others. Its Called the “Gray scale” ( its an actual thing look it up on google)

Anyways all this to share with you that with those gray area questions or Conflicts that’s where you need to lean and partner with the Holy Spirit. Bottom Line he needs to be your forever partner, but now especially because if God is wanting you to be with Him and you’re living separate  for Him than you need to ask Him should I do this or nah?  The only way we can see clearly the Light  is when we partner with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is team #TheLightSide! So the main thing I want to share with you there is still only Light and Dark and in those areas thast are gray Partner with the Holy Spirit he abides in everything!!!  

Living in the Light Side we don’t ever compromise who we are in Him never. 

A story about me is this I love Star Wars as you know and I got a new phone case and wanted to get my rhema verse on the back but they didn’t allow that. So I called my dad and spoke with Him like I should’ve got the name “Jesus” on my phone case so people would know how to represent his name and my dad Laughed and said Lexi you are the light you don’t need to put Jesus or even a scripture on your phone case to show people you Love him because you Live it. 

The eyes of your spirit allow revelation-light to enter into your being. When your heart is open the light floods in. When your heart is hard and closed, the light cannot penetrate and darkness takes its place.
LUKE 11:34 (TPT)

Back to the beginning

When I think of ice cream 🍨 shakes and candy I think of when I was a little kid. When you were younger you probably loved sweet treats! When you’re a little kid you don’t really watch what you eat the ya you do today. So when I went out to get ice cream I decided I needed a shake because no mess haha. SO when I got this no mess shake feeling like a kid the Holy Spirit reminded me will you love on your Lord now and as I’m writing this I was reminded of that precious moment and ahhhh there he is. I’m breathing him in. He’s in the keys I type writing for you. He’s with me when I get coffee. Oh thats the Original its Family. Constant communion with all three the victorious Number 3. Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit and they come and whisk you away to that place child like faith moment when you let him pour it all own you. When you let him show you the way. We need to be in that daily everyday Whisk you away with Him. I know at many times we have a difficult time because the life were in is actually hurtful, hard and maybe disappointing, but I want to share something with you, fix your eyes on Jesus.

the word Fix means:  to set or place definitely : establish 

I was listening to a teaching by Brian Johnson and he shared a story of a Pilot and, a  Rat. I know I don’t like rats but the story is the Pilot was already up in the air and realized the rat is chewing on electrical cables and he knows he’s the only one not the plane. So he has to think quickly because something could go wrong with the plane. So he comes up with the idea I’m gonna fly higher, because if I go higher the rat will die in the high altitude. Well it happens the rat dies the plane safe and all is well.

link to the article and story here (below)

We need to go back to that place when we are seeing from heavens perspective so we can go back in  and take that time for your family going back to the original.

Today I want to encourage you all to worship Jesus take that moment to allow the Holy Spirit that you are a heir to the throne and you are his child and today lets MAGNIFY HIM greater than yesterday  because everyday we need to live it out for Jesus!!! 

So I really believe with everything when God shows you those areas in your life you are able to Live the best Life ever cause now you know! I believe were in a day and age that people are just getting it. Like its not longer over complicated to theological or complicated its just coming in. So now when you get something why do you do with it? Exactly when you don’t know what to do with what God has shown you? You go to your secret garden and you listen and hear. Your response doesn’t need to be words audibly , but your Response can be adoration and worship towards what he’s shared. Thats the child like faith.

So when I go back to being a child I was just thinking this the other day and I realized the Holy Spirit revealed more roots in my life that needed to be exposed. As many who have known me from the young age of 16 knew I had piercings in my lip although I had piercings in my lip that rebellious attitude started influencing way before 16. I wasn’t bad on the inside but had a terrible attitude because I gave myself over to pop culture. Pop culture said what was in and what was out and its still shouts the same message so as my sweet friend Fannys words are brought to mind many times “I traded my blessing for a plate of lentils (beans). So someone asked me when I was young what was your dream it was everything I saw on tv! I wanted to be…

  1. famous
  2. have lots of tattoos
  3. lots of piercings
  4. be a rock star/ actress

I can remember my life as a little girl wanting to also be a spice girl because they were famous! I always wondered where that came from. God reveled it came from not knowing Him. I knew him at glimpses yes many times he knocked at my door and I ignored it or I couldn’t even hear it. Have you ever been so busy in a day you don’t even hear it or worse you hear it but think it’s getting persistent and annoying so you ignore it? I have been there! I’m being 100% honest. For a Long time the Enemy tried to take my identity with weight with tattoos with imaginations that were not from Him and I would give myself over to those ideas and want to make them a reality in my life. These are things that God took me back to see in “My Secret Garden”. 

Can I share with you that these things, are the best things to be reveled! As soon as he showed me (and continues to show me)  he also showed me that the little girl in my when I got filled with the Holy Spirit at age Three! She was laying hands on many and knew her Father. My Mom and Dad always prophesied over me when they Didn’t see exactly what they expected of me they would remember the Seed that was planted there by God. So the child like faith is here and more alive than ever I cry everyday in His presence and I’m in awe of everything he does in His word. SO really I’m grown yet a child writing to you all because this Little Girl is so in love with Jesus!

He’s waiting for you! Say when and he in there with you say it. He’s there for you!!!!

I love you all!!!!

below I want to share a Video With you all Lets go there with Jesus!!!

Go to your Secret Garden…

Matthew 6:5-6 TPT

“Whenever you pray, be sincere and not like the pretenders who love the attention they receive while praying before others in the meetings and on street corners. Believe me, they’ve already received in full their reward.But whenever you pray, go into your innermost chamber and be alone with Father God,[f]praying to him in secret. And your Father, who sees all you do, will reward you openly.

Today I want to talk about Magnify!!! (Roots part 3)

What do you magnify and what do you choose to magnify?

I’ve been in this place of roots and there are two sides of magnify..

My story: for me it started with unthreading like God told me, “im unthreading you now you will be bare before me. So I said yes Lord I want this. He did it! It was the hardest thing I ever had to face. You see people only saw the good that came out of It. But you see to gain real deep roots in Jesus he needs to reveal the pain and the care all at the same time.

When we magnify Jesus it doesn’t mean we numb the things he’s exposed but we know our source. So for me I never cared because I didn’t want to get hurt but the truth is I cared so much and it hurt so much when people would walk a way from me. Even being a leader the Negative way that I magnified my roots is I wrote people off. I stopped caring or I didn’t want to care about these lives, but you see Jesus isn’t like this with us. So for me I came to a new love for people and a new heart for them that I’m won to go after them because this the heart of Jesus even when I don’t know them he’s the miracle worker he uses me as a vessel to express the love I have for Him and pour out my love I receive by Jesus to give to them. Only the real Adversary is the one who wants you to have a bad attitude towards the one were after. Sometimes you feel like “God I’m tired of chasing them they don’t want to be here”. Than you hear a soft voice tell you “Then Stop chasing don’t worry I’ll give you a new strategy for them! You See God has already seen the Miracle happen before its manifested on earth so where is your faith? His time is perfect so we as his worshippers his followers don’t choose to put a time limit on God! I know it will happen so we  MAGNIFY THAT and nothing else. 

He shows me that my life being constantly refined in Him is okay for people to see the sorrow because in my sorrow there is victory!  I’m his but even while I’m being exposed its beautiful because my eyes are still on Him so my life is an open book and I’ll guide you to the places maybe you never thought you could go. I’ll take you to the green room I’ll take you to the backroom. That’s Jesus does for me everyday he takes me to the Green room. There are no limits for Him HE loves us so much and he chases after us. HE comes after us like wrecking ball. Wrecking all our plans that we think we had and he’s the ultimate Zig Zag master.

This is why the Scriptures say:

Things never discovered or heard of before,
    things beyond our ability to imagine[n]
    these are the many things God has in store
    for all his lovers.[o]10 But God now unveils these profound realities to us by the Spirit.[p] Yes, he has revealed to us his inmost heart and deepest mysteries through the Holy Spirit, who constantly explores all things.11 After all, who can really see into a person’s heart and know his hidden impulses except for that person’s spirit?So it is with God. His thoughts and secrets are only fully understood by his Spirit, the Spirit of God.  

2 Corinthians 2:9-11 TPT

So God desires to look at those roots reveal them only by the Holy Spirit and get rid of them once and for all. Declare them we need to stay connected to the Vine where we know he’s our source.

Below you will see some pictures of me worshipping God in this is my gratitude for what he’s done for me!!!!

My worship is my life in my worship I pour out my love all over Jesus for he first love me. He loves you right where you’re at. So today he’s after you I choose to see Him magnified! To make his name great and for all of me to be all for Him.. that’s my greatest desire. You don’t understand the grace that he constantly MAGNIFIES daily for us, and as we seek the purity because all we want is his heart he covers us.. come on now these are the roots I’m talking about to get that exchange from old to new it’s called “redemption” it’s taking out beck to the garden when all it was, was you and Him!

Roots. What is the root?


We are all Roots… maybe we are a root in someone else’s life… are you? What do you think?

We are roots? My sister and I were playing around talking and I asked her a question, “what’s the root to that?”. I believe that with everything there is a root. There are things I know the Holy Spirit wants to reveal to us about the roots in our lives!

But He answered and said, “Every plant which My heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted. Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.””

Matthew 15:13-14 NKJV

roots go deeply into his life as you are continually infused with strength, encouraged in every way. For you are established in the faith you have absorbed and enriched by your devotion to him!”

‭‭Colossians‬ ‭2:7‬ ‭TPT‬‬

It’s generational. Maybe you know things about your families past or even present but if we do not cancel things, they can and will linger in our walk with God. In this awesome search, love and passion with Jesus we need to be able to ask for that purity of the Holy Spirit from the the blood of Jesus to wash us clean to walk white as snow from these roots…

So with roots there are good roots and bad roots. Earlier I was speaking of the bad roots but the good root is the last verse I referred to (Joel 1:3). When we get that cleansing power from the Blood of Jesus you receive His roots.

By the Holy Spirit we receive the TRUE VINE OF JESUS! Is there anything better than this love? Is there anything better than this TRUE VINE? My sweet friend Fanny 💃❤️my 👯‍♀️ (in Mosquera, Colombia)  asked that question: “is there anything better than that love?

And the answer is.. no, there isn’t! I have been reading all these testimonies this  past week from my last growth challenge and the question was, “When did you fall in Love with Jesus and how have you changed?”. Every time I would read one it brought to floods of tears to my eyes 😭 because of the power of His love. He has not come to condemn you or to attack you, but in your true heart of repentance He becomes that perfect exchange for your old tattered roots to be made new in Him… in His everything.

Could We just go for that last step? Could we throw our nets out one more time? Could we say, “Yes, Jesus I hear you, I’m coming to you. I follow you not just because I have been convinced but because it’s in me to do so.. I follow my Master I’m a learner and you are my teacher! My roots are in you!”.

Well, during the roots challenge I have been allowing God to show me areas in my life that need to be exposed so that He can get rid of them.


Having a subdued enemy is like a family that adopted a lion cub. This pet was the favorite animal of the family’s child and they believed that they succeeded in domesticating it. The cub was growing quickly and everything seemed to go well. Until one day, he tasted a drop of blood that proved to be just enough for his savage nature to be awakened. This caused the lion to kill the child. Something similar happens with those who have roots of greed, lust, and other sins in their hearts and have not truly uprooted them from their lives.

Excerpt From: Cesar Castellanos. “Declarations of Power for 365 Days of the Year.” iBooks.

Even now as I’m sitting here I’m remembering all these situations in my life that there was a root there yet I was so afraid to share them. My weight was an obvious one for me and my piercings became exposed, but when I began these growth challenges it was more for me. More a way to just show these areas in my life God wanted me to be completely open to Him.

Now with these challenges it has shown me areas in my life I need to strengthen. So I have made conscious efforts to get a hold of what the word says to do about my life and to have total dependency on the Holy Spirit, but I need to be be challenged and changed because I know this is the only way things will be changed in my life.

Have you been able to make conscious efforts in showing what you can allow Jesus to do in you? Are we making everyday our ROOTS go deeper in Him! Make everyday count!!!!



⚡️Roots part two (Iron Friends)Only Beauty Remains. ⚡️

Roots are a big part of our lives and we have the power to choose whether we’re gonna live with the ones we were born with or if we are gonna allow Jesus to exchange those old roots for new ones.

We need roots! Culture is all good I love family and the idea of generations going on and on because God intended it that  way, but sometimes in the midst of our wanting to be connected to our generation our roots get contaminated. We need to get that exchange of old roots for new ones with Jesus. I choose for myself to get washed in the blood of Jesus so I can have his roots not my own.

Jesus is my Reason Why. I get new ROOTS FROM HIM! 

So I want to give you some good roots I call them Iron Friends! God has shown me that in this time I have made some beautiful friends all over the world who have impacted my life more than they will ever know. You see that’s the beautiful thing about having  the ROOTS OF JESUS you get all the joy! For me Iron Friends have blossomed in my life to be one of the purists roots in Jesus… the names of those who have impacted in my life. I’m gonna post some photos of them but there have been a few and some I don’t have pictures of but I want to give you some faces of those who have imparted in my life so much!!!! The Impact of these Iron friends are the reasons my Roots in Jesus have flourished! So I want to make sure you all understand this! In this time of having these friendships so many of them have pushed me in the #Growthchallenge that I started that now bloomed into a BLOG!  I honestly never thought in my Life that I would do a blog but all of these “Iron Friends” Encouraged me whether they knew it or not. Kingdom is about Family and I’m not just talking about your blood family but, your church family, your community family, your friend family. I have all of these in my Life. I guess because I’m from Hawaii once I hit it off with someone I’m like “you’re family” call my mom your Aunty and call me cousin cause were family. I’ve seen that the Kingdom of heaven os the same way. I don’t believe that God wants us to be like all distant with one another. No! He wants us to be FAMILY to one another.

So in this Blog today the GOOD JESUS ROOTS are Iron friends which is Kingdom Family! So enjoy the photos!!! 

This group maybe have touched hundreds upon thousands and more and more, but they will never understand the way they have impacted my life through their family and sense of community! I think Anyone who meets them will see their generosity and how warm they also pretty funny!!!! I love you guys all the way down to number 3 baby (on the way)
Yecelin you’ve blessed my life in so many way since the moment I met you we were already told we were sisters haha so we really couldn’t run from it! I wanted you to know I love you so much and you shall come to Hawaii just to hang out with me and my family cause that’s what Family does!
Adrian, Adrian you’ve been a huge blessing in my life even when you didn’t know it maybe but you’ve encouraged me and you’ve always been so real with me! I love you forever Big brother thank you!!!!
I love you so much! I always wanted to meet you and this year God opened the door and connected us. what is one persons normal is another persons Lovely you are that Lovely in my life I’m excited for your future and I’m glad I get to be apart of it!!!!
Erika you’ve become a friend that I never thought would happen thank you for blessing my life and constantly believing in for speaking into me. Your life is a treasure in my life and your entire family has impacted me!
You guys are my FAMILY its official! Even tho this is about Iron Friendships I wanted to share this with you because your lives have impacted me when I was in Mexico God has his way and with your obedience to the Holy Spirit to minister to my heart you have been a great blessing and example I love you guys beyond words!!!! Mexico Meets Hawaii it’s happening I see it!!!!! HE’s connecting Nations over and Over Again!!!!

Hey  Guys I wanted to share the reality of my friendships. They are real and fun and super real. We send snapchats to one another we have fun! We Cry with one another we love one another!!! It’s what true Iron  friends do! God gave me an understanding that with Iron friends we allow God to take away  with them (those hand-picked friends) tp help  remove what was never meant to be there so that only  your identity in Christ is what is left which are the FRUIT OF Gods spirit his character his likeness. 

Galatians 5:22-23The Passion Translation (TPT)22–23 But the fruit[a] produced by the Holy Spirit within you is divine love in all its varied expressions:[b]joy that overflows,[c]

peace that subdues,

patience[d]that endures,
kindness[e]in action,
a life full of virtue,[f]
faith that prevails,
gentleness of heart, and
strength of spirit.[g]That is what Iron Friends do they help you in your walk with God you sharpen one another!!!!

Braidy the beautiful one who was planted in my life such an amazing women of God and most of all a worshipper of Jesus her heart is pure before him and she has been that awesome “Iron Friend” who I stay connected to! I love you Braidy!!!

My Sister Nicole team of 12 I love you ladies your lives have so impacted me!

This team has been a huge blessing to be apart of I love where GOD HAS PLACED EACH OF US AND HOW HE FORMED US TO COME TOGETHER. Where there’s a team there is Conquest. CONQUEST of the heart I love how God has done this so intricately. HE saw the details of us as individuals yet said I will bring you together for greater things. It’s a beautiful thing I’m blessed by each of your Lives thank you for being those Iron Friends!

My bro my Bro…. you have become practically a best friend.. This one surprises me constantly but that’s what awesome people do. You kn ow because I tell you but maybe you don’t know but your life has been a great example to me. Your friendship has been an example of the way Jesus is. Bottom Line you’re awesome keeping it simple not too mushy!!!!
I love these girls so much! What God is doing in all generations is a remarkable and I know God has placed us together to be intertwined together for a greater purpose! Love you
Where would my life be without you my beautiful Sister/ best friend!!!1
My Life With my sister my best friend, We’ve conquered so much together and I love how God has made a way for us to grow together. has been something so beautiful. To cry with you to hold your hand and to see Jesus love you and your expression to Him is what I love most!!!!!
WE are a team its been us all along of course there are many others who make a team but this was where it all began for me. I didn’t know it yet but Jesus unraveled something in me through these individuals and now its a burst thank you Branson for seeing this in me, thank you Coley for seeing this in me I love you. You all have been those special gems and jewels sharpened in my life used and crafted to get out what needed to leave!!!! I love you only Beauty remains!
Jenny the words can’t even express what you mean to me.. but I’ll go for it we’ve already discussed this but we don’t have a lot of pictures and this lady in the corner knows too 😂. OKay I had to make that comment! Anyways I wanted to share with you how much I love you and that our Journey began not on the best of circumstances but you  have been that faithful friend to me in everything and I pray I have done the same for you. Your Joy is my Joy and your sorrow my sorrow your that “Every Season friend” that is there constant rooted and never-fading away. I’m so excited to see where God has taken you!!!!
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its been this way when you laugh I laugh I love you to the moon and back you’ve strengthened me in every way we are together and My heart beats for you!!!! MY sweet sweet grace!!! I love her so much thank you for your constant love I love you grace and there are so many in this huge world who love you too, with that same intensity!

Bester/ Chuz we came up with that in 8th grade but we’ve been doing life since 1st grade I love you Hannah  Baddah dayz.. I’ll fight any Dinosaur with you!
I had the option to get a better pic but this describes us when we laugh together dry and funny humor Love you Lore
Love you Manu my MIA house mom! You’ve forever impacted my life I’m glad to call you family!!!
You’ve always been phenomenal at everything a beautiful friend a great leader and Now a beautiful wife and Mommy!!!! love you Saris!
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Fanny whoohoo I love you so much you know this but your friendship has been one that see’s all and loves all I’m forever thankful with what God has done in a short amount of time because what he’s done with us is eternal!
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This family wow God is using you and moving you all of you have become family in my heart and you each love like Jesus does thank you !!!! Hannah thank you for your words I’ll never forget them. You my girl have a special place in my heart we will have many English conversations soon! Valeria I love you so much you are absolutely beautiful I can’t wait to hold you in my arms!!! Julian I’m still funnier than you but its ok!!! haha
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in every step of life you have that friend who walks life with you weather you see them or not, what God has orchestrated with us Nadia is only the beginning I’m blessed in my heart to do life with you!!!!
the sisterhood of the traveling pants? No but close to it I love you all!!!!
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Johis you’ve always been beautiful reflection to me since I was 10 years old looking up to you in every way you are beautiful and we are family!!! I’m so blessed I had this time with you!!!!